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Chair - White Wedding

Samsonite type.

Chair - White Resin

Padded seat.Looks just like a wooden chair

Chair - White Wood

Padded seat.

Chair - Bamboo

Want "something different"? This is it! This chair will look elegant for your anniversary party or for a "rustic wedding". Come take a look.

Stool for cocktail table

white, folding

Chair - Metal,High Back

For that unusual chair for the bride and groom. For that special person of honor at a party or shower.

Chair Cover - Spandex

Want a modern,sleek look? This is it.

Chair Shawl - (A) Melody

Ivory Chair Shawl with chain stitches and patchwork

Chair Shawl - (B) Vintage Vines

White, 112 ' Long Cap. nylon with embroidery.

Chair Shawl - (C) Floralace

White Chair Shawl with embroidery and cutwork.

Chair Shawl - Celebration(D)white(DA)ivory

Chair shawl with chain stitches and cutwork.